A short hairstyle is a women’s haircut which length falls anywhere above the shoulders. Nothing says like feeling the wind on your neck and having no weight to worry about!

Clare Foy, Viola Davis, Maggie Grace, and Lucy Hale all joined the short-hair-don’t-care trend, and my advice is that you let these celebrity influencers guide you in getting inspired to lop off your locks! Now, you can create a sassy hair by matching it with highlights, side parts, bangs, dye jobs, waves, and more styles you can ever imagine.

From pixies to buzz cuts to bobs and lobs, going for a shorter cut means less styling time and less upkeep. Work with your trusted hairdresser in determining your face shape and considering your day-to-day activities for the perfect style.

Everything you want for your tresses – volume, texture, dimension, and movement – you can totally and easily get even with less length. Whatever vibe you’re going for, from a laid-back casual to elegant formal, these expert-approved short cuts will do it for you!

It’s time for you to choose from this updated line-up of the most gorgeous short hairstyles on the internet right now! Chop chop!

Short Angled Bob

A short angled bob hairstyle
Instagram @78mizzi

Stylist Jennifer creates this captivating short angled bob, making the ebony hair color stand out even more. The smoothness of the hair gives a professional look that is both easy to achieve and maintain.

Inverted Bob Haircut

A short inverted bob hairstyle
Instagram @cru.hair

The honey blonde waves look ravishing, all thanks to the inverted bob cut! This powerful combo fuses texture, volume, and chicness in one hairstyle.

Short A-line Bob

A short a line bob hairstyle
Instagram @meg.rey

Straight styling with the help of a flat iron produces a wonderful a-line bob. Everything is in place, with the angular cut ends giving more attention towards the face.

Pixie Cut

A short pixie cut hairstyle
Instagram @hairpin_me_down85

This pixie cut features long bangs and a bit of an undercut to show off a layered cut pixie style. Various cut layers bring out the shape and texture to the whole visage.

Chin Length

A short chin length hairstyle
Instagram @abbey_dernoga

Emphasize your jaw area with a trusty chin-length cut. This classic bob is a perfect example of a style at chin length which is straightforward and simple.

Short Shaggy Hair

A short shaggy hairstyle
Instagram @bymaggiekime

Fall in love with the wild look of a short shaggy haircut! Different lengths of the cut layers add a lot of texture and attitude to this seemingly chaotic cut.

For Thick Hair

A short hairstyle for thick hair
Instagram @antonhair

Take a leap of faith and choose a short bob for your next cut! The stacked ends adds depth and a different take to the straight cut which can be flattering to those with more elongated faces.

For Thin Hair

A short hairstyle for thin hair
Instagram @hair.artistry.bykelsey

Unlike a layered cut, a blunt cut for thin hair works so well since you need as much hair as you have to create a solid blanket of hair. The blonde looks so seamless while the middle part gives it a more chic look.

Choppy Bob

A short choppy bob hairstyle
Instagram @het.haarpand

A choppy bob can go both ways: a disaster for all those fly away ends or an impossibly gorgeous take on your blunt cut ends. Use those layers to your advantage and build up on texture and body while you wear your short bob in peace.

Wavy Bob

A short wavy bob hairstyle
Instagram @megfromwpg

Caramel and mahogany strands intertwine, with credits due to a wavy bob hairstyle. Keep it textured and sassy with an everyday look that can also double as a professional and night-out kind of style.

Layered Bob

A short layered bob hairstyle
Instagram @chrisjones_hair

The waves keep everything at bay with lovely layers making your hair textured and volumized. A great help for those with thick hair, the layers minimize weight so that you can carry on everyday with ease.

Asymmetrical Bob

A short asymmetrical bob hairstyle
Instagram @alex.mercedesss

A sleek asymmetrical bob that flaunts volume, bounce, and thickness! Ask your trusted stylist for this cut and have a very flattering and fresh look out the salon.

Stacked Bob

A short stacked bob hairstyle
Instagram @loveandhairpeace

Great for building up layers, a stacked bob really utilizes a short hair cut. Whether its for a professional look or a casual day, keep you’re hair bouncy at all times with this extraordinary style!

Undercut Bob

A short undercut bob hairstyle
Instagram @sosickhair

Long locks on this short bob can be the notable feature of this haircut. But look further and you’ll notice a remarkable undercut that boosts volume and texture of the style even more.

Bowl Cut

A short bowl cut
Instagram @parloursaloninc

A bowl cut is a challenging cut to do and style to wear. With the right technique that is partnered to your facial structure and features, you too can rock out a futuristic cut!

For Round Face

A short hairstyle for round face
Instagram @sh4ngalang

Having such a short hairstyle on round face is a tricky thing to do but Stylist Helena made layers and tapered ends work! The cut around the ears showed off the jaw, which highlighted it more.

For Long Face

A short hairstyle for long face
Instagram @brianhickman1

With a short bob like this, your elongated face shape can have the illusion of rounder edges. A flattering effect on your appearance, try out this cut for an easy and carefree look!