Men’s haircuts are designed to be practical and hip at the same time for the fashion-forward men of today. As we head into this fresh season, expert barbers are coming up with the most awesome styles ever inspired by both classic options and modern hair trends!

Most contemporary haircuts work for all types of hair – curly, straight, natural, thick, and wavy – just like those of popular Hollywood guys Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, Ian Somerhalder, and James Franco which you can easily recreate for your own.

From killer spiky hairstyles and messy, textured crop cuts to long fringes and bearded looks, you’re definitely free to create your own hip hairstyle! All the volume, movement, and texture you want, you can get with a combination of these exquisite haircut styles.

Work with your best barber and determine what cut will suit you finest. Ask about the most effective products to use when styling your mane into a comb-over, quiff, pomp, or slicked-back!

Now, you’re one scroll away from your next cool haircut. Peek at this fine collection of the trendiest men’s haircuts and hairstyles and find your ultimate look!

Temp Fade

A temp fade hairstyle for men
Instagram @giuse_laguardia

This clean temp fade cut and style look sexy on a man with a well-cared beard and mustache. The long hair on top that is brushed upward and backward creates subtle texture for an increased style.

Twist Curls With Fade

Men's twist curls with fade hairstyle
Instagram @rd_barber

The all-time favorite twist curls with fade hairstyles give a nice-looking yet straightforward effect on any man wearing this. The sharp faded sides in classic and clean twists on natural black hair make this a go-to hairstyle for men with afro-textured hair.

Burst Fade

Men's burst fade hairstyle
Instagram @titothebarber96

How stylish can your burst fade be? Paired with a mohawk that is neatly styled for texture, this will make girls fascinated by just a glance.

Messy Waves

Men's messy waves hairstyle
Instagram @mikyy.ella

This hairstyle is an excellent manifestation that waves are not only for the ladies. Messy waves, if combined with a polished fade on the sides, looks chic but in a manly way.

Hard Part

Men's hard part hairstyle
Instagram @vinnycleancuts

Are you the kind of guy looking for a scumbag boogie hairstyle? This one fits the bill! This skin faded hard part is definitely on point and sleek in all aspects.

Comb Over Fade

Men's comb over fade hairstyle
Instagram @bosnea.barber

We all have to agree that this comb over fade cut and style provides an impression of a gentleman. Maintain the look as good as possible, and no one can’t say no to you. Men with awesome hairstyles are really the real thing!

Long Haircut

Men's long haircut
Instagram @shaunafayehairpdx

This long haircut and style by Shauna Faye from Portland, OR has a vintage vibe you have been looking for. With layers, texture, and fringe all mixed, you are going to kill this elevated mullet hairstyle than anybody else.

Caesar Cut

Men's Caesar cut hairstyle
Instagram @horatiuthebarber

Sometimes, a classic cut is what a man needs. This timeless caesar cut only requires less-to-no styling effort just for a flawless finish. It looks striking, especially on the side angle of the face.

Drop Fade

Men's drop fade hairstyle
Instagram @bagir94

This drop fade on a faux hawk is so wild you might want to book an appointment to you barber immediately. It is perfect to go on with any of your attire for either a casual or formal event.

Side Part Haircut

Men's side part haircut
Instagram @ambarberia

An overwhelming and intense appearance will not be achieved without a hairstyle that is as stunning as this one. This side part haircut creates a visible contrast between the rigid-looking quiff and fades on the side.

Mid Fade Cut

Men's mid fade cut hairstyle
Instagram @gunnerthebarber

The licensed barber Jose Estrada from Aurora, IL shows us how a shiny black hair of a man turns into a work of art. This mid fade cut, which is buzzed on the sides and at the back, is subtly tapered to enhance a men’s semblance and create a hunky result.

Spiky Haircut

Men's spiky haircut
Instagram @reyesthebarber

No doubt, a spiky haircut on a guy has always been intimidating and hot. The texture on hair lets the faint ash blonde hair color pop and adds spice on the entire style.

Slicked Back Hair

A slicked back men's hairstyle
Instagram @cal_newsome

The minor skin fade on the sides stresses how gorgeous the top of the hair is. This slicked-back hair, crated by the barber Cal Newsome from the United Kingdom, is one of the most unique cuts and styles a man can ever get in his whole life.


Men's pompadour hairstyle
Instagram @cjdabarber_

This modern pompadour hairstyle for men keeps its classic and aesthetic charm, predominantly on blonde hair. The sharp fade cut makes the style neat and perfect.

Disconnected Undercut

Men's disconnected undercut hairstyle
Instagram @hayden_cassidy

Styled with sea salt spray by Ruger, this disconnected undercut is on fire! The natural curls leave texture on hair with no trouble. The look creator Hayden Cassidy from London, UK stated, “We kept things old school with the foundations of this cut, but seeing his natural curls meant I could play around with the styling,” when narrating her experience.

Quiff Haircut

Men's quiff haircut
Instagram @abbas_ahmadifard

This quiff haircut is styled so luxurious that it will make you extra noticeable among others. The fade cut on each side is insanely exquisite, creating a seamless effect to jazz up the style a little more.

Low Fade Cut

Men's low fade cut hairstyle
Instagram @artlessdog

Add a low fade cut to your current hairstyle that will inspire other men to get a hair transformation. The intricate texture on a thick black hair gives people a hint of how simply stylish you can be.

Textured Haircut

Men's textured haircut
Instagram @ghostbarberjv

Make your hair styling taste a little advanced than the others by pulling off an avant-garde textured haircut like this. With these sharp faded sides plus the pointed bangs with a spot of blonde, an ample amount of texture is what’s hardly needed to style your hair.

High Fade Cut

Men's high fade cut hairstyle
Instagram @jayroberts_

A high fade cut with fine and precise texture on a crop haircut such as this is too classy on any man. The tiny fringe makes the illusion of a smaller face. Stylist Jay Roberts from West Midlands, UK mentions how vital keeping the shape is when trying to achieve this look. He stated, “Prioritising shape will always lead to a positive outcome. As soon as you try to cut corners, that’s when the standard drops and so does the result.”

Buzz Cut

Men's buzz cut hairstyle
Instagram @edwardklipperhands

Nothing is more attractive than a gentleman who styles like a bad boy. If you are someone similar to that, you can definitely kill a buzz cut with that taper fade on the sides.