An inverted bob is a women’s short hairstyle that is cut short at the back and goes longer toward the front. Taking on a horseshoe shape, this classic graduated haircut results in an impressive angle that gives the whole style stunning contrast and movement.

Celeb trendsetters Lucy Hale, Victoria Beckham, and Diane Kruger wore their own versions of the curved cut, and fans and stylists alike are turning crazy for their modern haircuts! Getting layers are one easy technique if you desire to add volume to your bob which is helpful especially for thin-haired gals.

Not only for fashion, inverted bobs also has a slimming effect on the face and neck. It’s a chopped hair trend that offers a ton of styles to choose from and wear according to your personality and lifestyle!

From moms to career women, from the gym to the mall – this current look’s perfect for the busy lady who wants to get minutes off from her daily styling routine. It can go from ear to neck length depending on your face shape and commitment and can be styled with waves, highlights, stacked layers, deep parts, and bangs!

If you’re up for a super convenient and on-trend short cut, try the inverted bob and see which look from this up-to-date collection suits you best!

Inverted Stacked Bob

An inverted stacked bob
Instagram @hair_by_marlo

When the stylist Marlo Svegelius from Calgary, Alberta said, “You cannot go wrong with this cut,” no one can’t disagree on that. This inverted stacked bob on a balayage hair color is definitely a bomb!

For Thin Hair

An inverted bob for thin hair
Instagram @gs_hairandnailstylist

The texture on this choppy inverted bob for thin hair is the one thing you need to rock a day out. The golden-brown dimension effect on this graduated short bob will make you want to get a hair color treatment, too.

Asymmetrical Inverted Bob

An asymmetrical inverted bob
Instagram @headrushdesigns

Asymmetrical inverted bob on a color that is hot as a fire is overflowing of fab. To get the look, hair is “colored with Pravana neon pink and enchanted pink lift, and tone deep conditioned with Seven Hair Care, cut with Shark Fin Shears monarch and the 40 teeth texturizer,” as stated by short hair specialist Julie Holbrook from Odgen Utah.

With Undercut

An inverted bob with undercut
Instagram @hair_by_thom

Nothing is more unique and fiery than this inverted bob with an undercut. This wedge, a-line bob effectively brings out someone’s hidden strong personality.

Very Short Inverted Bob

A very short inverted bob

The secret to having a great day starts with pulling off a very short inverted bob that looking so stylish from the roots to the ends. Softly colored with honey brown and blonde, this cut is so lovely, everyone’s going to love it.

Medium Inverted Bob

A medium inverted bob
Instagram @sammi_uemedina

A medium inverted bob that is texturized with waves makes an all-time favorite hairstyle at once. It is so versatile that it can be worn daily or on occasion.

Choppy Inverted Bob

A choppy inverted bob
Instagram @headcase_hair_killer

Don’t waste time and get yourself a fresh choppy inverted bob because you deserve to be the jaw-dropping one. With blonde highlights, you will look a total bombshell instantly.

For Thick Hair

An inverted bob for thick hair
Instagram @bangwithabrush

This a-line bob plays a role in highlighting one’s smooth and sleek dark hair. This is perfect for thick hair babes with aesthetic fashion taste.

Curly Hair

An inverted bob for curly hair
Instagram @nathakarox

If looking for an inspiring change to do to your curly hair, this is the one. The cute-looking natural curls give out a fluffy finish on hair that can make people jealous.

For Round Face

An inverted bob for round face
Instagram @ashley.m.stylist

Volume is never too much on inverted bob that is heavenly made for round face darlings. This is a convincing way of styling a flat blonde hair for a fuller look. Stylist Ashley McGinn from Fort Collins, CO stated, “My hair is naturally flat but with this length, I get some great lift.”

For Wavy Hair

An inverted bob for wavy hair
Instagram @xobeauty.buffalo

This is the ultimate hairstyle for someone who believes texture is everything. Perfect for wavy hair, this inverted lob takes beachy waves to the very next level.

Short Inverted Bob

A short inverted bob
Instagram @ultasuling

A short inverted bob like this that is looking so good to be true on a soft brown hair can make other girls go nuts. Try it and you’ll see that it is all worthy of getting your long hair cut short that goes down to the length of the jaw.

For Fine Hair

An inverted bob for fine hair
Instagram @guisella_vilchez

This inverted bob gives a subtle texture to hair that has always been flat. Perfect for fine hair, this is the kind of hair transformation that ladies must try.

Inverted Bob with Fringe

An inverted bob with fringe
Instagram @indramichelbeauty

Get this inverted bob with fringe and tell the world, “watch me slay this look!” The angled bob cut, brunette hair color and the wispy bangs — it all worked together, giving a lady a fresh and gorgeous finish.

Long Inverted Bob

A long inverted bob
Instagram @rute_boazhair

They say a good hairstyle and cut can bring out the best in someone and we have to agree on this. This long inverted bob, parted on one side to carry out a necessary amount of texture, will surely complement your attitude and confidence.

With Bangs and Layers

An inverted bob with bangs and layers
Instagram @rachelwstylist

Anyone who would not like this haircut and style does not have a high standard fashion taste. This boho-inspired inverted bob with bangs and layers is truly an artwork as it is enhanced with texture, dimensional blonde and babylights around the face. “Did the AirTouch technique in her mohawk section using Aloxxi Ultra Lightener 10v/20v (equal parts) and toned with Aloxxi Tones 10v&9P. I then cut over 8 inches using my favorite 6” Phantom ARC scissors,” said the stylist Rachel Williams, specifying how she achieved that look.