A bob haircut is a women’s short hairstyle that’s cut anywhere above the shoulders. For the fashion-forward gals who don’t mind a crop, this classic cut should be a definite yes.

Though short, you’ll be amazed at the versatility of this hairstyle. It can go from uni-length to angled, curly to straight, with bangs or matched with a chic dye job. No wonder it never went out of style!

Constantly seen in and out of the screen as worn by it-girls Bella Hadid, Kim K, Lucy Hale, and Taraji P Henson, this adorable short hair also has a face-shaping prowess that can show off your best features or slim down your face.

It’s super manageable and will save you tons of time in your morning styling routine. Maintenance depends on you – if you fall too deeply in love with your bob, trimming every month is necessary to keep the length at bay.

There’s no more perfect time than now to seize a sassy and short haircut that will make you the star in every scene! Say hello to one of these edgy and popular bob haircuts!

For Thick Hair

A bob hairstyle for thick hair
Instagram @kawadalambert

This “flowy graduation” hair by the creative dude Kawada Lambert of Mr. Burrows Hair is the perfect cut for thick hair. He said, “You can see the advantages of a graduation foundation structure by keeping a feathered effect with texturized ends.” By maintaining the texture on this brunette bob cut, you will always up for any events and occasions.

Side Parted

A side parted bob haircut
Instagram @naturalandrelaxedsalon

A side-parted bob with subtle ombre is the go-to hairstyle and cut we all need. It can style with waves or let the straight hair do the work. Either way, it appears so gorgeous on someone for sure.

Rounded Bob

A rounded bob haircut
Instagram @salondeinstil

Who loves this rounded bob hairstyle and cut that can be pulled off with any variety of fashion? Either you like it to be cute or sophisticated, you are going to kill it.

Razored Bob

A razored bob haircut
Instagram @gutierstudio

A graduated neck-length bob that is cut by razor effortlessly creates texture. Perfect with a side fringe, this razored bob hairstyle is very edgy at any angle.

Sliced Ends

A bob haircut with sliced ends
Instagram @marisacuts

A bleached out white blonde and blunt bob above the shoulders — the result? An icy hair for a queen like you. This slice ends haircut looks so cool, you will make people blown away.

Choppy Bob

A choppy bob haircut
Instagram @ronnieappelhair

If you like to keep your style simple but rocking, you might want to consider this cut and style. The texture on this choppy bob hairstyle does not fail in carrying out hair body movement for an added flavor on brunette hair.

Shaggy Bob

A shaggy bob haircut
Instagram @marci_and_the_mane

This fusion of shaggy and bob on hair is sensational. Jazzed up with beach waves, this shaggy bob hairstyle is texturized to exaggerate the dimension effect from the blonde highlights and dark rooted hair. Look creator Marci Jameson from San Diego, CA advises that it is good to flaunt this hairstyle while displaying one’s shoulders, as well.

Messy Bob

A messy bob haircut
Instagram @creativeartacademy

This messy bob hairstyle is too dazzling that you can show it off on social media and caption it with “wake up like this.” Ideal for ladies of any skin tone types, especially the morena ones, this style is easy to manage and take it with you anytime.

Wavy Bob

A wavy bob haircut
Instagram @hairbylaurenmosleytn

A classic wavy bob hairstyle is something that ladies will not get tired of getting. Texturized with razored cuts and concerted waves, the hair will appear glossy on a dimensional blonde.

For Fine Hair

A bob haircut for fine hair
Instagram @chrisjones_hair

Are you looking for a haircut for fine hair that outshines other ladies’ when styled? Don’t look for in other places because you got it here. This soft blunt cut by stylist Chris Jones from Beverly Hills, CA looks beautiful on every confident woman.

For Over 60 with Glasses

A bob haircut for women over 60 with glasses
Instagram @parloursalontulsa

An older woman who has a great taste of beauty can easily follow what is trending with this hairstyle. This is the bob haircut for over 60 with glasses that looks fantastic on a natural silver hair.

For Over 50 with Glasses

A bob haircut for women over 50 with glasses
Instagram @thestylist.jesi

Older women do not need to settle for hairstyles that do not amaze people any longer. The slight volume on this bob cut with bangs is made more exciting for over 50 with glasses.

Weave Bob

A weave bob haircut
Instagram @hairaddictionboss

A weave is so versatile as it can transform into a bob perfect for black women. For a weave bob hairstyle that can turn heads, try curling the front hair and keeping the back part rounded. Additional bangs and shiny brown highlights will take the hairstyling game to the next level.

For Oval Face

A bob haircut for oval faces
Instagram @rizzierivoorhees

Here’s a reminder for the ladies — opt for a haircut that matches your face shape. Ideal for oval face, this beachy-waved bob cut is another hair goal that is perfect for any events. The ultra-light ash foilyage highlights are partnered with the root shadowing technique to build a seamless contrast result.

For Long Face

A bob haircut for long face
Instagram @vainballard

A fringe is one’s best friend if she owns a long face. This look with blonde bob hair cut plus wispy bangs is exceptionally made for long face by Quincy of VAIN Ballard from Seattle, WA. The textured wave completes the glamorous style from roots to ends.

For Round Face

A bob haircut for round face
Instagram @tammy_murphygozzard

Ladies with the cute shape of the face can pull off a short neck-length bob cut and still appear foxy and graceful. Ultimately for round face, this blunt bob glows better under the sun with bright blonde foilyage highlights.

With Bangs

A bob haircut with bangs
Instagram @atomichouseofhair

Thanks to the subtle layers, this bob cut with bangs forms texture without the need to use a curling iron. The choppy fringe is so enticing to eyes in many ways.